Three types of blog posts increase participation on your site

It is a terrible situation to be an online blogger if you have a great blog but get very little interaction. You may not even know people are reading your blog. You might even be aware that they enjoy reading your blog posts. However, they don’t like to comment as much as you would prefer. This situation can be solved. One way to solve it is to change the types of posts on your blog. For encouraging participation, some post types are better than others. It’s much simpler than you think. This article will remind you or introduce you to three types blog posts that you must have in your library. This is especially true if your blog follows tesol mathrace.

The first and most important is the question-post. This is exactly how it sounds. This is as simple as writing a brief post asking people questions. People can then add their thoughts to the post. You should post questions that can be answered in multiple ways. This will allow people to add their thoughts even if someone has already provided the same answer. Use question posts on your blog. There are several types of

The rant post is the second type of post you can use on your blog. This is where you vent and rave about an event that has occurred that you are unhappy about. This works because it creates controversy for your blog. People will respond to this by either agreeing with you or disagreeing with you. You will get comments from both sides, and that is what you’re looking for.

Guest posts are the third type you should use. This is when someone else writes the post. This one is where you bring a third party onto the blog. They have an vested interest in seeing this succeed. Your guest poster can also comment on your post immediately. This will also help you get additional traffic. You’ll never run out of topics to write about on your blog. If you are unable to come up with any other topic, grab and write a blog post about it.

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