Looking For a Piano?

The piano is among the most ancient and well-known instruments. Classical composers were able, through the help of pianist accompanists, to pour their minds over the instrument and discover their musical voice. Some piano concertos and jazz ensembles are the most popular uses of the piano. The piano’s unique musical capabilities mean that it can be used by itself. It is becoming more popular to recondition pianos made from old classical antiques. These are a wonderful way to preserve the history and value of your piano. There are thousands of piano stores around the world that can help you find this local maintenance.

The classical pianist was born out of a dearth in musical options. Bartolomeo da Medici is generally acknowledged with inventing today’s piano. He was also the Keeper and Protector of Instruments. The piano was built to sound concert-quality and be sensitive to music. The piano was a combination the strengths of both clavichords (and harpsichords) and the piano. Although the clavichord proved to be a better instrument than the piano, its size was not sufficient for large performances. Although it was loud, the harpsichord possessed a good sound quality. With technological advances, the sound quality of this modern piano is now much better.

Cristofori used his hammer as a solution to the problem. The sound came from the hammer hitting the wire in older harpsichords. The hammer struck the wire with speed, but there was no dampening system. Cristofori was able to provide the necessary components to stabilize and maintain the hammer so that the note could be struck repeatedly. The dampener ensured that the instrument was lighter and more durable then other instruments, such as the Harpsichord. The modern design of the piano was a result innovation by the medieval Italians.