Three Best Chef Knives From Japan:

This isn’t a Top Ten List. It’s certainly not an exhaustive list. It will, however, help you to understand the kitchen knife market and offer some suggestions. Each knife is made in Japan by a different knifemaker. Prices range between $120-$170. These items will last between 30 and 40 years, so don’t be alarmed, learn more here.

Global 7″ Santoku

Global revolutionized and reshaped the market for kitchen knives back in 1980. They were the first to create high-performance kitchen knives that were stylish and affordable. They’re extremely lightweight with a razor sharp, thin edge. Their blade design is more Japanese-influenced than Western. Japanese hybrids refer to them because they blend two cultures in knifemaking.

Global knives are unrivaled in terms of innovation and quality. They are made from pure steel, tip to base, and have the iconic, pebbled-steel handles. Global makes sure the handle is balanced by adding the correct amount of sand. Global knives can’t be forged. They’re made of high quality, heat-treated steel that has been tempered to new heights.

The G-48 model, which is also known as the G-48, can be used by anyone who wants to excel in performance and still remain agile. You can grab chopped celery with the santoku style. It is small but strong and allows you to use it as a long knife without having to worry about how long it will be. Global offers a wide range of Western-styled chefs blades. Consider the G-2 and G61.

I have this santoku. It is a treasure, which I treasure so much it can’t bear any chopping. But I keep it for slicing. Amazingly, this it does.

MTH80 Professional Series 8′ Chef Knife, w/Dimples

MAC knives may be the most secretive product in the kitchen knife industry. Charlie Trotter’s chefs Thomas Keller and Charlie Trotter recommend these knives, claiming they are the best for cutting. They are unlikely to know of them.

Global knives are made in Japan. They are a brand new knife type that combines Japanese steel with a Western-shaped grip. They are not as beautiful as Global but can be sharper. They are not forged, but very heavily machined, much like Global.

MTH-80 Professional MAC has its flagship product, the MTH-80 Professional. This knife is very popular, as it has the highest price per inch for sharpness. Additionally, the welded on support makes it unique. The knife’s thin blade with its extra weight keep it more balanced in your hand as a German knife. GourmetMagazin claims that a MACKnife is “the difference in a Minivan and a Race Car.” Take one for a spin.

Note: Don’t confuse MTH80 Pro and TH80 Chef Series 8′ Chef’s Knife W/ Dimples. These are lower end models that can be bought for $40 or less.

Shun Classic 8 incher Chef Knife

Global is also a well loved Japanese brand. Shun, however, is one of America’s most loved brands. Shun Classic is their flagship brand and it’s very sharp. They are manufactured in Seki City (alongside Solingen Germany), the largest knife-making centre in the world.

Don’t be fooled! The blade has a beautiful, wavy pattern. It’s so much more than a pretty sight. The thin core made of hardened stainless steel forms the edge. Rockwell61, a hardened steel, is available. This steel can retain a 16deg edge for very extended periods.