Edna Lister

July 12, 1960

Cleveland, Ohio

Virtue is acting under Honor, Loyalty, Responsibility, Faith, Love and all 144 faculties of soul. Virtue is the exercise of every God-given faculty or talent, all turned upward as vision. Virtue is essential for ministers to become. The world does not bother working at becoming, it just says "I’ll try." "Try" implies an unconscious disbelief in your freedom; it admits and presupposes an obstacle or an unnecessary condition. Trying is just "belief in," not a knowing faith. The subconscious feeds a "trying" attitude and lulls your conscious mind. Doing transcends trying.

Virtue is divine speculation, the process of thinking of beautiful things. What is the difference between curiosity and divine speculation? We can be idly curious about another’s business, questioning where he is on the path. Idle curiosity shrinks horizons, molds and consciousness to death. To fill our molds requires vivid imagination, burning desire and acting as if we already have what we desire.

Divine speculation expands consciousness, lifts us up and out of horizontal consciousness. To him who has much, much is given. You may ponder a dream-vision. Divine speculation makes clear the meaning but rationalization kills it. Divine speculation leaves no room for rationalization. Do not rationalize until nothing is left. Rationalization has its place but if we let the subconscious fasten on our doubts, fears and detriments under the surface, our state of consciousness degenerates. The world is a perfect example of this.

Doing and getting your teeth kicked in is better than to rationalize. God gave us the faculty of reason to use as just appraisal. When we use rationalization, it becomes criticism and negative judgment. Put your secrets in a good vessel. You have a witness whenever you are with another. It is your responsibility to discern whether he is a sieve, or would misrepresent what you say. "Let your communication be as yea, yea or nay, nay." Agree with God, and adjust to such a person.

How do I apply divine speculation? Believe that you can call on God and speculate about Heaven. If you do not believe, the devil can "catch you by the tail." You cannot go wrong if you go to God and say, "Father, I love You." Call on His honor, speculate and He will protect you, although you may have weird Initiations that test your resolve.

Do you fear, or love God? If the place is black, do you doubt or declare that God is Light? A great black abyss lies between every Realm and City in Heaven. If you get stuck in an abyss or tangled in blackness, what will you do? You know God is Light. Just say, "I am the Light. Open my eyes." Let Love, the "open sesame," reign, and you will be freed. You would not find yourself in an abyss if you had no taints. Fear and doubt stick you in the abyss. Don’t let fear grasp you, undergo your Initiations consciously. You should know when a Gate or a Temple opens, and be able to envision this. Visions ascend you.

Do not dwell on dreams – they can be warnings to lift and treat, or predictions, which can be set aside through lifting and prayer. God destroys as little as possible, and He is waiting for us to pray and lift. How do we lift and treat on this? Tie yourself to Law. We listen with our brain cells. It is dual, brain cells are lenses that register two pictures, first in the brain cells, then in the eternal memory records.

Living by Virtue gives the egoic soul Light, Color, Tone and Number. All else comes under Virtue. A Virtue states or is based on a Primary Law.

Each Emanation contains the Three-as-One, the Father, Mother and Son, Wisdom, Love and the Logos, Mind, Substance and Power. The potential powers of Virtue are under the Father-Mother-Son. Each lifespark particle of Substance contains all of the Three-as-One. Wisdom and Love are potential Powers, while the Son becomes the first absolute phase of kinetic Power.

The Father’s Virtue is Wisdom, the Yellow Ray of thinking and planning. Wisdom causes lifesparks to flow smoothly like a river to fill all space with Mind.

The Mother’s Virtue is Love, the Blue Ray that nourishes and sustains the lifesparks as they begin their first vibration of pulsation. Love is a continuous undulating wave moving through the Substance that is the "void" of space.

The Son’s Virtue is Energy, the Red Ray that vitalizes and quickens the pulsing lifesparks and initiates motion. Joy causes the lifesparks to whirl in clusters and move from their absolute potential phase to the vibration of kinetic energy. Energy as Light opens the vibration of Color.

The Logos (Logic) is God in action as the Emanations and is the Word of God. Reason is a functioning of the faculties. Reason, o’ershadowed by Logic, gathers outer facts and fits them into place. Logic reflects absolute Principle as the Word. Logic and Light are at the top. Light functions from the center out into the Cosmic Divisions, as does the sun in the center of the solar system. So does Logic; in other words, Logic functions in a different way in each of the twelve Divisions.

Twelve cardinal Virtues rule each sign of the Zodiac. Each Cosmic Division contains Virtues to become and twelve negatives to overcome. [The following list provides a basis for divine speculation and pondering on the Virtues and their corresponding Initiations. This is not a complete list, note that some Virtues appear under more than one Division.]

Aries: Action, Origination, Faith, Receptivity, Planning, Production, Awareness.

Taurus: Construction, Organization, Steadfastness, Strength, Energy, Faithfulness, Fertility, Substance, Development.

Gemini: Invention, Communication, Reconciliation, Judgment, Discretion, Justice, Execution, Intellect, Endurance, Control, Aspiration.

Cancer: Patience, Regeneration, Love, Gestation, Birth, Compassion.

Leo: Faith, Sovereignty, Power, Loyalty, Enthusiasm, Encouragement, Choice and Separation.

Virgo: Service, Duty, Discrimination, Craftsmanship, Imagination.

Libra: Partnership, Balance, Reason, Understanding, Honor, Loyalty, Integrity.

Scorpio: Mastery, Determination, Equilibrium, Propagation, Increase, Desire, Appropriation, Responsibility.

Sagittarius: Justice, Morality, Ethical, Integrity, Proclamation, Will, Accumulation, Conquering, Completion, Comprehension, Inspiration, Ascension.

Capricorn: Duty, Order, Consolidation, Application, Reverence, Transfiguration, Protection, Humility.

Aquarius: Unification, Idealization, Altruism, Zeal, Intuition, Harmony, Forgiveness, Apperception.

Pisces: Insight, Elimination, Renunciation, Illumination, Realization, Vision, Interpretation and Apprehension.

How do the Virtues function in their signs? For example, Energy is prime under Taurus. Energy is in all the signs but the individual is responsible for functioning Energy as a Virtue in Taurus. Balance under Libra entails Justice, a Sagittarius Virtue, associates outer physical materiality and man’s relationship to man. Equilibrium under Scorpio deals with the soul’s relationship to the Emanations of God. One needs equilibrium to pass from balance in Libra over the Scorpio Abyss to the Source. One expresses the Love of the Mother of Earth under Cancer. Love expresses as the Mother of Heaven under Sagittarius.

We apply the Virtues in descending order through the great Principles of Light, Color, Tone, Number, Form (Name). If you classify incorrectly, you will confuse yourself. For instance, we have the mental faculties of logic, reason, discrimination, discretion and discernment. If you put Light on the bottom, you will ask why logic is above reason in that category. Look up and out until you see it in photographic memory – this is essential. Apply this and you will see a two-edged sword over your head, cutting away past muddled thinking.

Light functions through the fire body sun centers, mental body lotus centers and desire body chakra centers. Light opens the Principle of Color. Forty-four lotus centers empower the atomic mental body. Every petal of the thousand-petaled crown lotus is a different delicate, pastel shade, blue, pink, orchid and so on. When they whirl, they create a halo of gold, not white. Each chakra’s color changes shades as our ideas, desires, emotions and physical chemistry change. Chakras whirl clockwise and appear pure white when we lift emotions. Sometimes we see our brow center, the third eye. We "love" a color when we are undergoing that Initiation.

We take the Initiations for the seven Lesser Master Degrees in the Supreme Temple of the Sun, on the Sun, when we go over at night. Then we take the Seven Degrees again, completing fourteen Lesser Master Degrees in all.

We must overcome the Moon’s magnetic pull on our emotions to reach the Sun. After the Gates closed in 1953, they opened seven Temples and Gardens in Sagittarius for ascension purposes. Sagittarius, the Gate of Ascension, is the only gate that never closes. All descended Creator gods rest in the temples and gardens in the Capricorn Gate to build a heavier sheath before coming to earth.

Planets Express the Seven Degrees

Jupiter, the Releaser, emits the Death Ray, the highest expansive Joy vibration. Only Jupiter can release the Death Ray in balance. Jupiter is the Releaser from the bonds of life, not Saturn.

Saturn, the Judge, is the binder of bodies and form, the vibration of contraction.

Mercury, the Transmuter, tears down the old to transform it into the new. All lifesparks are held in Mercury’s orbit until the transmutation is complete.

Uranus, the Revealer, wields a double-edged sword that cuts through illusion and delusion to the truth.

Pluto, the Permeater, releases Power to prepare earth for ascension; it raises the vibration in the lifesparks of the mineral, vegetable, animal kingdoms and in man.

Vulcan is symbolized by the hammer and anvil of the Smith who forges metal. It represents perfect expression of the emotional and mental lives.

Ceres was destroyed when earth was thrown from its orbit in Sagittarius. Its shattering created the asteroid belt between earth (Terrah) and Mars, and its substance is still falling to earth as meteors. The Heavenly Legions moved the original Jupiter from Capricorn to replace earth in Sagittarius. We lift misused soul substance from earth to recreate Ceres.

Terrah, our planet, rules the magnetic holding power of gravity, which is why it is so difficult to relinquish earth.

Virtue gives life, Light, Color, Tone and Number to the soul when exercised. The Principles of Light, Color, Tone, Number and Form operate in all the signs. Color, Tone, Number and Form are the four cardinal points. North is Color (Capricorn). South is Form (Cancer). East is Tone (Aries). West is Number (Libra).

First Octave: Diatonic & Chromatic Scales

Planet & Sign




Mars & Aries/Scorpio



Iconoclastic: Life & Growth

Sun & Leo



Constructive: Life-giving Warmth

Venus & Taurus/Libra



Integrative: Creation of Beauty

Moon & Cancer



Mutative: Creation of Desire

Saturn & Capricorn/Pisces



Cohesive: Stability & Form

Jupiter & Sagittarius/Aquarius



Expansive: Creates Joy Releases Death Ray

Mercury & Gemini/Virgo



Climactic: Transmutes Mental Life


Second Octave: Diatonic & Chromatic Scales

Planet & Sign




Uranus & Aquarius


Light Red

Energetic: Lifts or Rends Veils

Neptune & Pisces


Light Orange

Penetrative: Creates Brilliance

Pluto & Scorpio


Golden Yellow

Permeative: Releases Spiritual Substance

Vulcan & Virgo


Light Green

Molding: Releases Scintillant Tau Power

Ceres & Libra


Rose Violet

Lifting: Creates Poise

Terrah & Earth


Pink Orchid

Holding: Holds All Gains for Use of All

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